Stanley Butler Softball Field

Butler Softball Field was opened in 2004 and is home to Lee's softball team. The complex features seating for 120 fans. The facility under went significant renovations in the summer of 2015 with new fencing and irrigation system put in place to make Butler Field one of the premiere venues for softball in the area. Butler Field has two bullpen areas behind the right field and left field lines and a concession stand directly behind home plate for fans to buy merchandise, programs and enjoy food and drinks. Fans who want to catch a Lady Flames’ home run can camp out in the spacious field beyond the outfield wall and join the enthusiastic student section known as “The Bomb Squad”. Located at the corner of 18th and Parker streets and in front of the beautiful Bowdle and O’Bannon halls, the park blends in nicely, especially with the always bright green and well-kept outfield grass and the near-perfect infield. Butler Field was the site of the 2007 Southern States Athletic Conference Tournament and was one of ten NAIA Opening Round sites in 2013. For those who enjoy walking and looking for a break between games, Cliff Schimmels Park is located just across Parker Street and has quickly become a hot spot for Lee students and the general public of Bradley County